Regalo Print

“Printed Marketing Material is Just like Literature to Life “

Branding your product or service is an important and essential step in making it stand out. The target audience needs to remember the brand name in the long term. In today’s highly competitive market, companies need to really pack a punch through their marketing strategies in order to reach the ideal sales target. With the advent of digital marketing, a lot of people make the mistake of forgetting printed marketing material and its importance. In order to reach maximum amount of people, printed advertisement and PR material is very important.

Another factor one needs to keep in mind is that your audience will more likely remember something they can touch and keep in their homes or offices. This will more likely give them more reminder of your brand name, message and logo. You can get something within your budget once you decide the right quantity and the appropriate quality of printing for the purpose. Marketing takes up most of the budget, because that is what will earn your profit in the long run.

  • Printed Invitations in Elegant Style: Whether it is a meeting, a seminar or a sales pitch, sending out tangible invitations is a more personal touch rather than sending an email. The invitation will be lying on their desk and will remind them of your company and the upcoming event every day. Customized and beautifully designed invitation cards can create long lasting impression in the clients mind. Elegant invitations make the other person remember and keep the invite safely. You can include pictures and graphics along with the content. Using different fonts also makes the invitation stand out.


  • Promotional full Color Flyers: Sending out flyers to the entire neighborhood or area is another great way to invite people to visit your store or tell them about your services. This direct marketing technique reaches a large amount of people and are a great way to promote an event. Many times customers insert coupons and vouchers in flyers, which encourages customers to keep them safely. Get specially designed flyers according to your audience so that the response to it is genuine and quick.


  • Calendars and Almanac: Every year, people go through the trouble of having to buy new calendars that can make their life easy in organizing. A great way to market your brand and make it memorable is by distributing customized calendars for your clients or potential customers. It is a great way of reminding them of you every single day, especially when it is designed by experts. Get the best personalized printing for calendars, make the design creative so that it is the first thing your customers see and therefore remember your brand image.


  • Classy Business Cards: All businesses need customized and professionally printed business cards. Like the saying goes that the first impression is often the last impression, your business card represents your whole organization. It should be printed on good stock paper, should be designed professionally so that all it’s design elements are in line with your brand’s image. The company’s logo, your name, designation goes on it so that it is easy for people to contact you.


  • Attractive Window/Bumper stickers: Marketing your brand using a variety of methods is important as it helps build the brand image over time. A great way in gaining awareness and making people curious about an upcoming brand is advertising through window or bumper stickers. These need expert designers and printing machines so that the colors come out accurate. The stickers are then spread on to a car’s window, back shield or on the bumper. Since the car travels all over town, a large amount of people from all stratas of life get to see it.