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An Informative Article on Counter Display Boxes | Boost Your Business Today

Use of display boxes:

The counter display box is used to display the product directly to the customer. Counter display boxes are used for cosmetics and many other purposes. They are one of the products used to promote your product or bring new products to market. You have seen that many cosmetic products can be purchased at a cosmetics store or at a designated booth for that product. You can also see a trial kit for that product at the table or at that booth. The counter display boxes are same kind boxes.

In different shopping centers and supermarkets, brands and companies want to showcase their new products, and they put them in counter display boxes to showcase their products well.

Availability of the boxes:

These boxes come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. You can place an order with Regalo Print for order and design and we will provide you with the same product. We offer you a variety of colors so you can enjoy the design of your product. The product will be prepared according to your needs, wishes, and demands. Once you use our services, you will love our work.

Display Boxes

Eco-friendly colors:

The colors we use are made from 100% soy and vegetables. Use non-toxic colors to protect you and your environment.

First, the cardboard is cut into the basic structural shape of the bottom of the box by means of a machine. The secondary box is then cut and placed in a basic box. After the box is cut, the printing process is completed, in which the card is printed according to the needs of the customer or product. You can use different designs, themes, and templates to better understand how to enhance the look of your product to make it look more attractive.

When printing is complete, UV coating is applied to the printed card to protect the ink. CMYK color scheme is used for our printing. Playing colors is always fun, so we try to use colors to make your products both attractive and unique.

Extra and elegant touch:

UV coating protection makes the product more durable. In order to enhance the appearance and aesthetics of the product, plastic lamination is carried out on the cardboard. There are two types of this laminate, one is a fit and the second is a glossy one that gives the product shine. These boxes are connected with a transparent glue. No tape or staples are used to connect the corners. The small parts are placed on large parts with good grip.

Display Boxes

Why Regalo Print?

A simple sitemap makes it easy to access our website and you can easily find a list of products. Provide free design submission and product review. Regalo Print Provide free shipping, lamination, and proofreading to their customers. You can enjoy these three free things along with durable counter display boxes quality. Its main head office is in Canada and USA. The shortest turnaround time will blow your mind and let you have amazing quotes. So what are you waiting for? Go and enjoy cheap marketing.

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