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Find Out Now, What Should You Do For Printing Puffy Stickers on Sheets?

Puffy stickers are those that have a raised surface and are soft to touch with a 3D appearance. They are called puffy because the printed side of the sticker is slightly raised like a puff and is very appealing, especially for younger kids. A lot of young children like to collect these stickers for their stickers’ collection, by choosing their favorite characters or of their most loved cartoons. Collections are made by sticking decals in a photo album with a PVC surface from where they can be reused as well. If you are interested in printing your own puffy stickersor want to get them delivered from a professional printing company, then you must know how they are made.

Puffy Stickers Printing

Some foam stickers are also used to iron on to jackets, shirts and even on denim jeans. They are quite in vogue and are loved by kids and teenagers to make their apparel more attractive. Besides being 3D in appearance, there are some puffy foam stickers that have some extra features like glitter, googly eyes, hologram effect etc. How are these stickers printed and made into custompuffy decals? Here is the process for it:

There are two layers of the puffy stickers, one is the foam and then the top which has the print on it. Of course under the foam side is the sticky side so that you can put the sticker wherever you wish. The foam side is purchased in sheets and then cut into the desired or customized shape usually by a die cut machine. Next, the printed side is transferred on to the top PVC. You can choose from glossy to matte and if you wish to add something like glitter that can done too. The ink is transferred on it through silk screening process or by an inkjet printing machine. It produces colorful and attractive decals for a variety of usage and different types of target audience.

Custom Puffy Decals Printing

After the screen-printing comes the hot embossing part of the raised decals. This is done through heat and it is this process of emboss that gives these stickers the 3D illusion and the stickers are die-cut at the same time. After the die-cut the puffy decals are ready for packaging! Mostly are packed on to a white cardboard background with a covering and card that tells the customer what the stickers are about. From Hello Kitty to Star Wars, all type of customized puffy decals are available in the market.

Printing Puffy Decals on Sheets

Make sure that the design you choose is full of vibrant colors and has vivid faces with details on it. It is known that the more detailed and better quality the custom puffy decals will be, the more it’s sale will be. Also do good research on which characters, Disney animation or cartoons are most popular with your target audience. These puffy stickers are not only used for collection but they are also used for arts and crafts like making cards or gift boxes. The raised appearance with gold foil or glitter lends the fancy element and can be used when you make a handmade card or wrap a gift by yourself. Puffy stickers have a versatile and appealing nature, they are not that difficult to print either. It is best to take the help of a professional printer as it will be cheaper and the stickers will not fade away.

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