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Types of Packaging Boxes That Your Firm Needs to Consider for Your Products

  • Remember that feeling of unboxing of your new phone? The feeling of anticipation and the happy glow that circles you when you first touch your phone? Do you think this feeling just comes in naturally? Nope. It is a strategic maneuver. So you see packaging plays a role in how customers view their product purchase. When it comes to choosing packaging boxes, its apparent that packaging game hasn’t evolved that much in terms of usability but they still they are vital to present your product in alignment to their branding needs. Here’s your guide to different type of packaging boxes for you to make informed packaging decisions.
    • Paperboard Boxes

    Made from paper based material, these boxes are lightweight yet sturdy. These boxes are easily cut and can be molded into custom shapes, sizes and structures which makes it perfect for personalized product packaging. Paperboard is created by turning fibrous wood material or by recycling waste paper into pulp and bleaching it. Paperboard boxes can be made attractive to customers’ eye without exhausting your budget.

    Solid bleached sulfate paperboard is used for the packaging of cosmetics, juices, medicines, milk and more. Coated Unbleached Kraft paperboard are the perfect pick for environment safe businesses. But CUK paperboard is less water resistant which makes it unsuitable for food packaging.

    • Rigid Boxes

    Curious about that luxury boxes that are carrying your phones, watches, jewels and sometimes designer couture? It looks like cardboard but its sturdier and high quality. It’s the type of cardboard packaging that’s called rigid boxes.

    Made from highly condensed paperboard that is 4x times thicker than that of a standard folding carton.  Its the most expensive type of cardboard packaging, known for their hand-made appeal, non-collapsible nature and enhanced feature capacity (windows, lids, hinges).cardboard boxes printing

    • Cardboard Packaging Boxes

    Used by electronic, medical, food & cosmetic industry, these packaging boxes are made from reclaimed paper stock. These chipboard or cardboard boxes are easily cut, folded and formed. Chipboard boxes are cost effective and available in various densities. Using bleach sulfate and Clay Coated News Back, these boxes can be made more strong and ready for printing.

    • Corrugated Boxes

    When businesses ask for corrugated boxes, they usually mean corrugated packaging boxes. They are available online by vendors like RegaloPrint. Your firm can order them in multiple sizes, multiple types based on durability and strength. You can identify any corrugated material through its medium called fluting which gives its strength & rigidity.corrugated packaging box

    As main component of these boxes are crafted from recycled material so they can be reused multiple times as a source of pulp fiber. These corrugated boxes are available in different styles and sizes for retail product packaging.

    These all product boxes can be availed for reasonable prices without compromising their quality. This article is your guide to make the best packaging decisions for your cherished products.

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