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Custom Packaging boxes! A Most Prominent Portal to Unlock the Customers’ Like And Unlike

The Internet has taken over all businesses around the world, so you can now order online from the comfort of your home or office and receive products at your doorstep. This has given rise to many home-based businesses as well that can now operate without any overhead charges or extra taxes. This has given rise to a healthy competition between other larger brands and small businesses as well as contest between them. There are several factors that contribute to the success of a business, like customer services, price differentials and so on but one of the most important deciding factors is the packaging of the product.

Many people find it difficult to believe that packaging is so important, but in fact it is what establishes the brand touch point of a business. It is the first impression and the first contact with the product, so it has to be perfect. Even before the consumer sees what is inside, they want to hold their product in a classy and high quality packaging box.

Cheap packaging tells a customer that not much thought was given to it, thus reducing the brand image in their mind. Packaging is like the portal that will unlock the customer’s likes and dislike towards a brand.

How do we know Custom Packaging is so important?

Almost all returning customers, say that they return to a business because they loved the customized packaging that the product was sent in. You can judge the importance of custom packaging boxes by the popularity of the ‘Unboxing’ videos on YouTube. Almost all YouTube blogger will show you the unboxing of a product, which is a video in which the blogger talks about the packaging. From the material of the box, the printing on the box and how it unpacks -all these are discussed in detail about any product. This shows the value of good packaging material and vibrant printing.  Not only video bloggers, but all social media influencers, especially those who review technology, cosmetics and skincare products love to indulge in the packaging of boxes.

This has risen the value of packaging in the eyes of the consumer as well, because almost all consumers first watch video reviews or read online reviews of a product before they buy it. Online shopping has a lot to do with the first impressions of other people and packaging is definitely the top priority in building a brand image.

Box printing on corrugated paper material

How can Customized Packaging be done right?

Coming to the main discussion point, that is, how can one know that the packaging has been done right? So, most importantly one has to research on the consumer response to a variety of packaging. One can do this by spending money on polls or go through all the online reviews of competitor businesses and see what most customers did not like.

Secondly, it is essential to choose a printing business that knows what they are doing. Read their online testimonials and ensure that they have a good panel of expert designers on board. These designers will guide you where to place the logos, how much color to use and which packaging material will be best for you. Good designers can guide one about the pros and cons of certain logo or picture placements as well as guide you which material will be best for food, cosmetics etc.

The custom boxes should be done in a way that it is not over-imposing nor is it too tiny that the customer does not understand what he or she has bought. Complete information about the brand should be on it, including contact information, unpacking guide and of course, the logo and brand name.

Custom Made Boxes

Corrugated Boxes are Safe

There are many advantages of  or fiberboard boxes  that are used to package products. Mainly, these boxes have air pockets or better known as flutes inside them which provide a cushioning effect to products inside. The fibre material itself is soft, yet tenacious keeping the products safe and sound during travel. These boxes can be customized and shipped in a flat shape, and since they are light weight, one can save a lot on shipping charges. It is easy to make a box from it’s flat shape by putting the flaps in the right place.

Another great advantage of corrugated boxes is that they are recyclable, so one is able to save money as well as being environmentally friendly. This is a point that most customers also appreciate as nobody likes to add to the pollution and deforestation that is already out of control.

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