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Corrugated Fiberboard Packaging Box Sounds New? It’s All About Cardboard Packaging Boxes

As the world becomes more global, with businesses transcending all borders, it has become easy to expand and spread one’s business. This has also come with the ease of packaging materials like cardboard packaging, jewelry boxes, cardboard tubes, metal tins, paper bags and what not. Here, it is important to mention that cardboard packaging is the most popular form of packaging material, as it is versatile, durable and economical. These boxes are available in all sizes, and in square or rectangular shapes. It is a fact that more than 80% of products are transported through cardboard packaging boxes throughout Europe and USA.

Manufacturing of Cardboard Boxes! Never Read Before Story

Let’s discuss briefly the process of how these cardboard packaging boxes are made. Yes, once upon a time all cardboard boxes were trees, as paper is basically made from it. The good news though, is that corrugated boxes can be made from recycled paper! Mostly the inner liners or portions that do not face too much pressure are made from the process of recycling. However, Kraft or outer part of the box is made from chemically treated pulp as it can tolerate more wear and tear. Due to the way they are made with layers of recycled paper and fluting to provide cushioning, they are very light in weight and also environmentally friendly. The inner liners are usually recycled while the outer liner is Kraft or heavy duty yet featherweight to ensure that the box’s weight remains negligible.

The wavy liners that one sees in the middle layer of the boxes are called the fluting, which is the layer that provides protection and does not allow breakage of contents inside. It keeps the contents intact and provides them with a cushion from impact damage. These flute sheets are made from a process, wherein, hot steam is passed through a corrugated roller machine and it causes the paper to form even waves.

A trimmer or die-cutter is involved in the final processing of the cardboard, in which the intricate details of the workings of cardboard are defined. For example, the cardboard flaps, holes, handles etc. are made. These boxes can be used for multitude of reasons from moving houses to shipping bottles or business products as well as food.

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Cardboard Packaging Boxes Printing
Why Cardboard Packaging is so popular in Business Sector of United States

Now, coming to the part of why they are so popular. Shipping charges are calculated by the weight of the object or content, thus making it is essential that the weight of the packaging be very light. These corrugated fibre-boxes made from brown paper and fluting, are light-weight making them ideal for shipping purposes. They can be folded flat into thin pieces, then put together to be made into boxes. This makes them easy to transport as they take up less space when there is nothing inside the box. Plastic is non-biodegradable and is definitely heavier than card paper. Not just that, but since plastic is made from chemicals, it can cause breakdown of chemicals due to heat during transport and spoil the contents inside. Another disadvantage of plastic is that it cannot be flattened and sent out to business owners, thus it takes up a lot of space and costs double or triple the amount to be transferred.

Branding through custom made cardboard boxes
What happens when you get customized cardboard packaging boxes!

It is also more economical to get cardboard boxes customized which increase business’s brand awareness. Marketing techniques include customized packaging, and it is much cheaper to get custom printing done on corrugated sheets for boxes rather than on any other material. It is long lasting as well and is essential for all businesses that use cardboard boxes to package material. Those businesses that pay attention to details like brand name, logo and colors being included on the packaging boxes report an increase in positive brand image and increase in consumer interest.

Not just that, but customers love those businesses that send their online orders via cardboard boxes. It shows that the business is interested that the product is delivered with care thus increasing the loyalty of the customer. Approximately 30% of consumers return to the same brand, due to the fact that shipping was done via sturdy cardboard packaging.

The reason for high return could be that these customers want environmentally friendly shipping or it could be that they liked the customized cardboard packaging box or of course, it could be both!

Design of Packaging boxes plays a huge role in customers’ feedback and choice of consumer. Amongst ten different brand of the same product, a consumer is more likely to choose a packaging that is aesthetically pleasing.

Cardboard packaging is not just a brown box used for transport. It is much more and has meaningful existence in the world of packaging.

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