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Importance of Food Labels and Food Packaging Boxes in Product Marketing and Brand Awareness

With fast-paced lifestyles and rapid commercialization, food packaging is a well-established industry with food or drinks packed ranging from juices, oils, prepared foods, even cat and dog food. Grocery stores are filled with bottles, boxes, cartons, tins and tetra packs of food items and drinks which go to show how much packaged goods are being consumed on a daily basis. New brands are coming up every day to compete with older long-standing brands. While many consumers prefer their trusted brands, many want to try new and different items. That is why it is important to understand the various elements in concept, design and wordings of a brand label.

All food labels printing should include brand name, nutritional information, dietary exceptions, and quantity of ingredients in percentage or in weight, expiration date, storage advice and miscellaneous information about the company. That seems like a lot to be included on a food label, but a lot of it is required by the law in order to protect the consumer and keep them fully informed in case of allergies or dietary requirements.

Design Food Labels Well-designed and clear food label designs are essential for the success of any brand. So, as a business owner, there are several important elements to remember when designing and deciding upon food labels’ text as listed below:

  1. Design of Food Labels and Packaging:

The brand appeal to a consumer is the most important thing to consider while designing a food label. The text size, font, colors and pictures are all parts of the whole picture in a label. An expert designer can guide you about the placement of each of these things to ensure that it is striking for a consumer. It should be eye catching and different from the rest of the beverages or food box on the grocery shelf.

  1. Brand Name  Should be Printed in Apt Style:

The name of the brand should attract the customer to picking it off the shelf. The choosing of a brand name is done after lots of deliberations. Some prefer to do consumer research before opting for a name.

  1. On Food Packaging and Labels Text, Message and Memo Should be Colorful:

The copy or the text on the food label and packaging boxes is very important as it will be the secondary glance of a consumer after the initial attraction to colors. Professional copywriters can twist and turn words to make the text concise and attractive for the consumer. Then a designer can guide you on the size and font of the text to make it more attractive.

  1. Last but the chief Element! Printing of Food Labels and Packaging Boxes:

Food Packaging BoxesThe printing of the final piece is what brings the food label to life and should be flawless. There are a lot of options in printing from glossy, matte, textured to embossed, and even foil printing is available nowadays. Expert printers will ensure that printing is odor free. This is a very important part of printing, and consumer behavior. Anyone who feels that their food label has a smell, they will not buy it. Whenever there is an odor or a smell, people will find it strange and leave it. Thus, it is essential that printers should be professional enough to provide printing of stickers for beverage or food to be free of any kind of smell.

The paper and the ink used by professional printers is top quality that ensures an odor-free printing experience. This is especially important for food labels because it can really put off potential buyers. Not just that but if there is a smell, it can leave off in a closed pantry as well and cause aversion among the user of the food or beverage item.

Among other essential elements of design and copy of food labels is the printing process. Whenever a business owner wishes to get custom stickers printing for packaged food, he should look at the testimonials and place an order based on online reviews. Cheap inks and low priced paper causes a strong smell, and good printers will make sure that only top quality and odor free material is used.

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