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Features of Effective Toys Packaging Boxes

Features of Effective Toys Packaging

  • Sturdy :

It is essential that all custom game packaging is tenacious and does not tear or break. During transport, packages can go through a lot of pressure, toss and turning which can cause the toy to be damaged. PVC, hard plastic covers can make toys safe in their packing.

  • Tamper-Free:

Nobody likes to receive a toy that has been opened and tampered with by someone else. Thus, it is important that toy companies pack their product in a way that nobody can take it out, steal it from the shop or damage it while it is in the pack.

  • Colorful:

Great design is meant to captivate the target audience, so graphic designers play an important role in the custom toy wrapping of a product. Usually the back has details of the product, while the front is more colorful with the toy in real-life situations and cool graphics.

  • Touch and Feel:

Manipulative packaging is extremely effective especially for children’s custom game packaging. Customers like to try to play and see what sounds or lights can be played by the toy. It is an essential choice making feature for the customer and enables high sales of the product.

packaging boxes for toys

What is the different variety of toy packaging available?

1)     Blister Packing

The most common type of safe, flexible and sturdy packing is blister packaging. It is very commonly used in pharmaceutical companies for storing and packing pills. There is a cardboard or foil at the back with a plastic pill shaped blister that is then sealed with the pill inside. Similarly, for toys, a mold is made around which the plastic is shaped and in turn the toy fits snugly into it. It is then sealed with a vacuum sealing machine making it difficult to break or tamper with the toy.

Since, the plastic is see through, it is easy for the customers to see the shape, color and details of the product inside. It is the most popular type of  customized game covering for kids.

2)     Clamshell Packaging

As the name suggests, it is basically two pieces of plastic that come together like a clamshell and enclose the product inside. They are joined at the end with a hinge and at one end either with snap tabs, tape or pressure sensitive seals. In any case, this packaging is completely tamper and damage resistant as it is uses hard plastic and the way it closes makes it difficult to open it. One needs scissors to open up toy clamshell packaging.

cardboard boxes for kid toys

3)     Cardboard Packaging with Plastic Sheet

Another very common type of custom toy packaging is using a cardboard printed with attractive pictures of the toy, brand name and it’s details. The toy can be seen by plastic sheets that are glued on the empty side of cartons. This enables the customer to see the item inside as well as it is light weight. As for security, one can insert molded foam or secure the toy with wires. This is a toy packaging that is easy to open for kids and is more colorful too.

4)     Plain cardboard Toy packing

This type of packaging is done with toy box printing only and no PVC transparent sheets. All of the details are given on the packet and is securely closed at both end. You can imagine it to be like a cereal box. It’s advantage is that it is environmentally friendly, is light weight and is a cheaper printing option for customized toy box.

Packaging of toys can be chosen depending on the nature of the product, as well as the budget reserved for packing and the organization’s take on sustainability and environment. Considering all of these matters, and the target audience it is easier to make a choice for printing custom toy box packaging.

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