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Five Types of Packaging Boxes

Packaging boxes are an essential part of any business that sells products whether they are fragile glass crystal pieces, luxury items like watches, chunky plastic products like toys and the list goes on. The boxes are chosen depending on the nature of the item that will be inserted or placed in it, and also the way and distance it will be transported. Online shops require customized printed boxes that will also bear the brunt of handling during transport. Whilst shops that have walk in customers also require packaging cases that are custom made but not necessarily as sturdy as the online packaging boxes options.

When choosing a box for your product or products, one has to be very careful because most packaging is ordered in bulk. Therefore, there are a few basic elements to consider before placing your final order and they are as follows:

  • Dimensions

Whenever you place an order, you will be given several options of standard dimensions however you can also get customized size on order. Measure your product carefully, and ensure that it is accurate when you message the packaging boxes company.

  • Material Used

The material used for boxes can vary from thin linen cardboard sheets to corrugated Kraft paper sheets or even rigid boxes with magnetic closure. The general rule is that the sturdier the material, the higher the price as the manufacturing price goes up. You should take into consideration, that if you will be mailing it via cargo it might go through some damage during transit. Therefore, the box material should be sturdy.

  • Sealing and Closure

The way a box closes is important so that the items inside do not spill out or are damaged during transit from one place to another. The closure mechanism of a box should be simple so that one can figure it out in one go and not waste time.

  • Safety

Another element to consider is whether or not the material used is safe for the products placed inside. It is important that it should not have any smell or bad taste that can tramsfer on to the product.

Here is a list of five most popular custom packaging boxes that will help you decide which are best for your business.

  1. Linen Packaging Boxes

These packaging boxes are made from thin cardboard material, they are budget friendly and can be customized to any shape and size. They are perfect for fragile items, and also for food products like pastries and patties.

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  1. Kraft Packaging Boxes

Kraft is the brown material one may have seen at stationary stores or even at grocery stores as it is a recycled and eco-friendly material. It is sturdy and does not rip easily. Boxes made from Kraft paper are medium tenacity and perfect for fragile as well as robust items proudly known as kraft packaging box.

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  1. Corrugated Packaging Boxes

The corrugated sheets that make up these boxes have wavy ridges in them which are basically made for a box that can absorb shock. Therefore, these boxes are often used to transport or package even heavy items like electronics and laptops. They are used for custom packaging of all items that require some cushion and to keep the pieces together.

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  1. Cardboard Boxes

Customized cardboard boxes are made from good quality cardboard stock which is basically a thick, tenacious paper. They can be shipped flat and folded into the shape for ease of transport. They are very popular and most online businesses use this packaging box for mailing purpose.

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  1. Buxboard Packaging Boxes

These are also similar to corrugated boxes and fall within the same budget as well as their ability to keep products safe. They are environment friendly, and can be shipped flat later to be assembled into boxes. They can be customized into any dimensions that are required by the customer. The paper sheet is thick so it is safe but for fragile items, one can include foam peanuts or crinkle sheets. These are mostly used when moving houses or to store heavy items and can be made into custom printing packaging boxes.

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